5 Maret 2011

Hairstyles Trend in 2011

Trends in fashion and beauty was already moving forward. Nothing wrong before applying these changes, we look back at what has been passed throughout 2010 in terms of beauty.

Stage runway is the main media experts sparked a trend in beauty makeup. Therefore, the activity behind the stage became a focus in interpreting trends for the brand of cosmetics. Why do we have to step back into 2010? Not miss or run out of ideas, but with a look back at what has happened, then you can avoid the predicate ladies 'obsolete' in beautifying themselves.

Quoted from Style.com, there are several visual make-up and hairdo, the best start of season collections for spring / summer, fall / winter to couture.

1. Black bob hair style Anjelica Huston is then interpreted back in the Lanvin show, and later popularized by Angelina Jolie in the film Salt.

15 Januari 2011

4 Tips Prevent Aging Skin for Hands

Many women simply do anti-aging treatments for the face. In fact, no other body parts that are not less important. Like the face, hands are also the fastest part of the body showed signs of aging.

Hands most frequently exposed to continuous sunlight. Leather hand we are also thinner than facial skin, so the visible signs of aging faster.

Therefore it is important to skin care hand early on, to wake up moisture and softness, and look younger longer. The following tips on maintenance, as quoted from Sheknows.


Do exfoliate the skin on the back and palm of the hand at least two weeks, to remove dead skin cells and stimulate growth of new skin cells are more fresh and radiant. You can use a scrub for the body, or create their own scrub with a mixture of one teaspoon of sugar and coconut oil.

If it is not like the texture is oily, can use lemon juice freshly rubbed on the hands, let stand several minutes, then rinse. Citric acid content of its function as flake a soft material.

Apply a moisturizer with SPF 15 Ingredients

We know that exposure to ultraviolet rays damage the collagen, which serves to make the skin look supple. If the collagen is damaged, there will be wrinkles and skin that looks thin (transparent). Damage to the collagen can be prevented by applying creams / lotions, with a content of at least SPF 15 every day. It is important to put it repeatedly, every two hours.

3 How to Select a Safe Fruit Consumed

Eating fruit is highly recommended for health. But there are several ways to consider when selecting good fruit and contains vitamins needed. Reported by She Knows, Iva Young, author of the book Healthy Mom and nutrition experts give tips on choosing fruit:

1. Sugar contents

Sugar in fruit is known as fructose. Fructose body will be broken down slowly so not to increase your blood sugar levels. How to distinguish between sugar-rich fruit or not, just by trying to taste. More sweet fruit is consumed, the more the content of fructose.

Stay Slim While Eating Chocolate

For the chocolate enthusiast there are moves to get around to telling can still eat chocolate and stay slim. Here it is five his tips for you.

Devin Alexander, author of the New York Times Best Selling 'Biggest Loser Cookbook' from New York, America can reduce its weight to 27.5 pounds. He also promised to not eat chocolate again want to live forever if it is healthier and quality.

Finding this situation, he finally makes a business that benefits people around him. Apparently Devin still eat chocolate every day without fear of gaining weight. Here are 5 tips stay slim by eating chocolate.

1. Reduce brown with Mini Choco Chips
Food is one 'secret weapon' in the deal removes a sweet eating habits. Mini chocolate chips are smaller than standard size chips. 'Usually I add mini chocolate chips into the Chocolate Brownie, or maybe you can add to your sandwich with whole grain cereal the snacks are delicious,' said Devin.

2. Discover New Way to Chocolate Powder
Cocoa powder not only be used for making cakes only. Try and add a teaspoon of chocolate powder into fruit smoothies in the morning or adding a little chocolate powder into your breakfast cereal. Besides adding taste delicious, this is one easy way to consume fat as chocolate without fear of alloys were produced fiber good for digestion.

Want to Look Young? Marry Older Men

Not a few women who want to continue to look young. Want to get it? According to a study to marry older men, making women look younger than her age.

Launched beauty genius, the study conducted by psychologists at the Jena University, Germany. From the results of the study was revealed, when an older person to be near people younger, age difference is more clearly visible. Once he explained, until the differences can be seen farther than they should.

Something similar also happens when people near the older person, she would look younger than her age. So that women who marry men much older age, younger look.